Awesomize Your Family!

Do you...

  • want hard working kids?

  • want your family members to develop their talents and abilities and become their best selves?

  • want to stop arguments about money in the home?

  • want a more unified family?

  • want your kids to be good at handling money and making independent financial choices?

If so, then Moneypants is for you.

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How Does It Work?

Moneypants is the simple system that allows family members to earn some of the things they normally get for free. In the process, they learn work ethic, good habits, and appreciation for what they have. They also learn money management and how to save, shop, and spend.

It may sound like an allowance, but it’s so much more.

A Unique Approach

Moneypants is different from any chore chart or allowance program you’ve ever seen:

  • Moneypants uses the money you were already spending on your family in order to fund the system. It’s not an additional expense; so it won’t cost you a dime. (In fact, you’ll probably end up saving money.)

  • Moneypants automatically calculates and creates custom point charts with reward values that make sense for your family size and income. Your family spending will always be within your budget because it was money you were already spending anyway.

  • Moneypants doesn’t just reward for household chores; it also rewards family members for developing good habits and maintaining healthy balance in their lives. No more reminding your kids to practice piano, to get their homework done, or to get to bed on time. They’ll do it on their own, and with a smile! Oh, and it’s for parents, too.

Additional Features

  • Significant Bonuses are built in for both daily jobs and daily habits to help motivate consistent effort. Family members won’t want to miss a day.

  • Job Jar allows parents to create miscellaneous jobs that pop up, and it gives kids (and parents) a second chance to earn money and helps parents organize the home. It also includes QuickPoints©, a quick and easy way to reward small jobs and good behavior.

  • Piggy Bank budgeting feature is easy enough for kids to use but powerful enough for adults. It is designed to take all the anxiety out of managing money while also teaching real life budgeting skills.

  • Simple Job Checklists ensure there’s no confusion as to what’s considered “done” at job time. Parents and kids all know what’s expected.

  • Custom Reports help every member of the family keep track of their goals. Reports include: Points, Spending, Income, Budget, Assignments, and Mastery.

  • Sync across all your devices with a single login. Mark points on your iPad and it shows up on your iPhones, and vice versa.

…and much, much more!

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