Moneypants App

Our vision has always been to create a tool to make the job of being a parent easier. A tool that is easy to use but powerful. A tool that every member of the family can use. A tool for all family sizes, big or small. With this app, that vision is now a reality. Say goodbye to allowances, and hello to Moneypants.

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For the Whole Family

Moneypants is for everyone, not just kids. Each member of the family can develop talents, earn rewards, achieve bonuses, and learn work ethic and healthy habits. Whether you’re age 3 or 103, Moneypants has something for you.


Jobs AND Habits

Moneypants is more than just a fancy chore chart. To help ensure family members develop balance in all aspects of their lives, the app allows for custom habits as well as custom jobs. Moneypants helps you become your best self.


Long-Term Motivators

Progress meters show how close you are to reaching your weekly goals and budgets. Two separate bonuses for habits and jobs help motivate consistent effort on a daily basis. It’s fun and satisfying to see those meters go higher.


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