Our Philosophy

We believe that rewards can be a positive tool to help individuals stay focused on achieving tough goals even when the going gets tough.

All rewards, however, work off of the principle of supply and demand. If there is an oversupply of rewards, rewards will no longer be a useful tool to help motivate progress. 

For example, if a person has everything they could possibly want, and they have nothing left to work for, rewards become meaningless. We believe it is healthy and enjoyable to allow your children to work for and earn some of the things they want.

Parents naturally want to give their children everything they can, but it is infinitely better to provide “everything” in the form of opportunities instead of handouts. Opportunities to work for something provide your child with so much more than just stuff.  

With earning opportunities, you can also encourage them to develop their character, enthusiasm, work ethic, knowledge, appreciation, relationships, talents and abilities, and confidence. Moneypants is designed to turn the “everything” you have to offer into opportunities instead of just stuff. And that’s how we help awesomize families.