Why We're Different

What Does Moneypants Do Differently?

  • All points are based off of your family’s household income. You won’t spend a dime more than you were already spending.
  • Earnings are based on performance, not an allowance.
  • Every user has ten personal habits they’re working on to improve themselves. So it’s not just another chore chart. Oh, and habits comprise almost half of your potential earnings each week.
  • Bonuses: both daily jobs and daily habits have bonuses attached.
  • Financial responsibility. Every penny earned has to be assigned to a budget item. This ensures long-term motivation for every family member.
  • Yearly spending plans for each family member. If you’re going to earning money, you have to learn to budget it. It also gives you responsibility for your own life and your own expenses.
  • Job Jar: a place to earn extra money if you fall behind. But it gets its funding from what users didn’t earn. So you’ll never break your budget. You will always be under budget. You cannot overspend using this app.
  • QuickPoints©: catch your kids doing good. Quick little rewards for helping out, being kind, cleaning up a little mess, doing their job without having to be asked, etc. Use it as you see fit.
  • Auto balancing piggy banks, based off of the traditional envelope system. Instead of tracking what you spend and then telling you after the fact that you are off budget, this app tells you where you stand and how much you can spend in any category at any moment. Spend with confidence.
  • Pay back parents for purchases made outside the system. Ever give your kids money to purchase something they needed with the promise that they’ll pay you back, but payback never happens? That won’t be a problem any more. The app keeps track of money your kids “borrow” and then reminds you to collect it on payday.
  • Assignment list and job time checklists. No need to print anything out. It’s all there on the phone for everyone to see, alleviating anxiety and arguments. Kids know what’s expected of them, and parents don’t have to remember what they set up “last time”.