The Moneypants Logo

Our logo is bold and unique. It sets the tone for all our communications, from blogs to emails to videos. We adhere to the following guidelines when using the logo.

Logo Color

The logo works best on a white background. It can also be used on light colored backgrounds (from MP Gray 5 up through MP Gray 20).

For dark backgrounds, the logo should always be white. This includes MP Gray 30 up through black. This also includes all the MP Primary Palette colors.

The grayscale logo should only be used where color is unavailable (like a B&W print scenario).


To ensure that logos are clearly visible, surround them with clear space that is free of type, graphics, and other elements that might cause visual clutter.

Ideal Clearance

Use the dime of the Moneypants logo to define the ideal clearance around the logo.

Minimum Clearance

Use the ‘o’ of the Moneypants wordmark to define the minimum clearance around the logo.

Use 1/2 the height of the dime from the Moneypants logo to define the minimum clearance around the logo symbol when shown by itself.

Logo Crimes

Avoid the following logo crimes:

Don’t add a drop shadow or any stylizations.

Don’t use unapproved color combinations.

Do not use the logo on top of complex backgrounds. The logo should only be used on top of solid colors from the MP Color library.