Humorous. Bold. Saucy. Intelligent. Practical. That’s Moneypants.


“A parent without a sense of humor is like an accountant who stinks at math”.

Humor is at the core of Moneypants. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Even though we are saving the world.

Bold and Saucy

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We take a stand. We promote ideas that are correct even though they may not be in line with the current social fads.

We are RIGHT and we don’t apologize for it. We have spent decades developing and refining our product and methodologies in the crucible of the home. We have and will continue to learn the absolute best way to motivate family members to be their best selves.

Is our system the best way to run the home? Well, it’s like democracy. It’s the worst system in the world except for all the others. In other words, there isn’t a better system than Moneypants. But if we find one, we’ll adapt to it and incorporate it. And then, we’ll still be right. So there!


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We are upbeat, resourceful, and friendly. A lot of people are dour about the next generation, but we believe our product can make a difference and change social trends.

We’re not just selling a product; we’re changing the future. Families are the core of society, and helping families succeed is helping society succeed. We can and will do that.


Outsmarting job jar

Most people do things because “that’s the way it’s always been done”. We utilize technology to rethink the way things have always been done and make them better. We use our noggins to solve problems that families face on a day to day basis.

Plus, we read the Wall Street Journal. If that doesn’t scream “smart”, we don’t know what does. (Or maybe it screams “nerd”, but we’re okay with that, too.)


We don’t promote theories. We are 100% practicum-based. If we haven’t personally seen it work long-term, we don’t promote it. We avoid “parenting fluff” that nobody has actually successfully used. 

For example, parenting advice like “never tell your child ‘no'” is ridiculous. Has anyone actually tested that out? On more than one child? And more than one personality? And raised a sane adult? We think not. (Good luck to anyone trying out that “theory” as their toddler runs into the street.)

We are constantly improving our product to accommodate families of all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, we plan to adapt it to families outside the USA. Because it works.

We focus on efficiency and maximizing the limited time, energy, and resources a family has. We try to kill two birds with one stone. In fact, we try to kill as many birds as possible with every stone we throw. Wait, that sounds violent. Let’s just say we try to accomplish multiple goals with minimal effort.