We use photos to help communicate core ideas and principles. Photos should always have an element of humor, personality, and quirkiness.

Ideal Photos

Photos should be similar to our illustrations: they have an element of quirkiness and the focus is on facial expressions. Slightly exaggerated but not over the top.

Photos may even be a little bit gritty.

Photos should communicate an action or an idea, not simply capturing still life.

Stock photos can be used but have to have an element of humor, personality, and quirkiness—but not be obnoxious.

Not Acceptable

Don’t use clip art – ever.

Don’t be cliché – find a different spin on families and family life.

Don’t use models. They aren’t real and are the antithesis of Moneypants communication.

Don’t overdo Lightroom. Keep colors and images real (Lightroom photos are annoyingly fake).

Avoid clipart. It's generic, and it's not our style (see 'Illustration' guidelines page for more details).
This is a cute mom and a cute baby, but everything is too perfect. The mom's hair is perfect, the baby's clothes are perfect, the furniture is perfect, the lighting in perfect––it doesn't seem real.
This doesn't seem like a real mom and definitely doesn't represent a typical Moneypants customer or their values.