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FREE Chore Training Videos!
Teaching kids to do chores takes a lot of time and patience. So parents often just end up doing all the housework themselves because it's easier and faster. These chore training videos make that a thing of the past.

Plus, the videos demonstrate green cleaning methods to make sure your kids (and you!) are safe and healthy when working.
Sample Chore Training Video
Click to watch a sample chore training video.
The Moneypants Solution Step #1
This is the first of the setup videos you'll have access to once your purchase is complete.
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The Moneypants Solution is going digital!

In the coming months, we'll be releasing The Moneypants Solution app version 1.0 for iPhone and Android smartphones.

If you purchase The Moneypants Solution today for only $35, you'll receive a free 6-month subscription for The Moneypants app.

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The Moneypants Solution app
What Sort of Results Can You Expect?
Instead of you cleaning the house all by yourself, doing the laundry, and cooking the meals...
...EVERYONE is going to be helping out. The family will work together like a team.
Instead of you begging your kids to practice piano...
...they’re not going to miss a day (and they’ll enjoy it!)
Instead of constant teasing and fighting...
...your kids will work hard to be friends and help younger siblings out.
Instead of your kids pestering you at the store to buy them things...
...they’re going to help you shop so they can earn rewards on their charts.
Instead of your kids wasting all their money on candy and toys...
...they’re going to have their own personal expenses and a budget they’re working on.
Instead of your kids complaining that they’re bored...
...they’re going to come asking you if you need any extra help.
The Moneypants Solution will transform your home and family!
By simply modifying HOW you spend your money, your kids will develop the talents and abilities they've always wanted (and you've always wanted for them).
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The Background Story
Hannah & Phontaine
See what
The Moneypants Solution
can do for your family!

“Just a line to let you know Moneypants is still working great for us (going on 4 months for us).

In fact, we've recently bought tickets to move the whole family to Portugal for a year. Something we've always wanted to do, but without Moneypants wouldn't have been possible--out of my own exhaustion and out of fear of what the kids would do to a rental. So, thanks!”

~ Chelsey from St. Louis (mother of six)

“I just wanted to thank you for creating this whole plan. It has changed our lives dramatically and for the better. I was at a point in my life that was new and frustrating and this came at the perfect time. I am no longer a stressed out and frustrated mom and my house is clean! We couldn't be happier.”

~ Amber from Orangevale (mother of three)

“It has been an exciting week around here as we have started the first week of ’The Moneypants Solution’ in our home. It has been an adjustment, but one that is obviously needed.

We love the training videos! My children have watched them multiple times and it has opened my eyes to how easy it is to teach my children to do tasks that I in the past had concluded were too hard for children. Now I see that my children are more capable than what I have been giving them credit for!”

~ Heather from Placerville (mother of three)

“I love all your training videos... Your work is so good! I love your program...Thanks once again for putting this program together. It will change many lives for the better!”

~ Lovell from Folsom (mother of five)

“The Moneypants Solution has brought us closer together as a couple. No more arguments about how to raise the kids.”

~ Christina from Burbank (mother of two)

“I felt like my kids weren’t contributing at home. And they didn’t know how to handle money. Now they’re helpful around the house, and they’re a lot more confident.”

~ Troy from El Dorado Hills (father of four)

“Thank you Moneypants program!! I am a
happy mom seeing my kids work!!” (as posted on Facebook)

~ Sierra from El Dorado Hills (mother of five)

What's Included In The Moneypants Solution?

This first-of-a-kind financial system offers simple, practical, time-tested tools that help make family finances easier and more manageable. In addition, every member of the family will develop good habits, a strong work ethic, and healthy relationships. This works for every member of the family, from age two to adult.

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Setup Videos. These award-winning videos will keep you glued to your seat like your favorite blockbuster movie. You’ll be thinking to yourself, “This is better than Cats!” Okay, well, maybe not. But, the videos are good and they’ll explain everything you need to know to setup The Moneypants Solution in your home quickly and effectively—and all in just an afternoon.

To see a sample of the setup videos, just click on the video. You can see exactly what you're getting.

Point Charts. Okay, so these are just paper charts that you tape to the fridge. We are working feverishly to get an app done that will make the paper charts a thing of the past, but until that happens, paper charts are the way to go. Plus, they’re super hip and look really stylish on the fridge. You can pretend they’re an Andy Warhol or a Picasso.

These charts do a really good job of helping you delegate and assign out all the jobs in the home, as well as helping your kids develop good habits (which most point charts don’t have). These point charts also work long term. Why? Because they coordinate how much your kids can earn with how much you were spending on them from the family budget, so you’ll never overpay your kids (or underpay them, either).

watch a preview
(click the video above)

Chore Training Videos. Our most popular product! Even if you hate everything else about our system and disagree with our methodologies (even though we’re totally right 99.73% of the time), these chore training videos are fun to watch on their own. So even if you don’t use the rest of our system and you just watch the chore training videos, you’ll be glad you did. These alone are worth the price of admission.

You see, teaching kids to do chores takes too long and parents usually just end up doing all the housework themselves. These chore training videos make that a thing of the past.

Plus, we use green cleaning methods so you won’t be endangering your kids with the same toxic chemicals you grew up with (that may be why you’re balding now, you never know). If your child has a habit of chewing on the cleaning tools and eating the cleaning supplies, worry no more! They can disgustingly chew on the toilet brush and not die from chemical poisoning. Plus, the bathroom will get cleaned!

Jobs Inspection Checklist. Inspector Clouseau has nothing on you when you whip out your Job Inspection Checklist. You’ll breeze through job time with an air of confidence, knowing that you have everything you need to make sure the kids’ jobs were done right. No guessing, no manipulation, just straight forward inspections.

Moneypants Jr. Nobody likes teaching toddlers to do their jobs, but it’s actually pretty easy with the Moneypants Jr. instructions. You’ll get those curtain-climbing ankle-biters whipped into shape and contributing at home in no time. You’ll get your two-year-old to wipe the table, and they’ll actually do a good job. It really does work.

This is a 25-page booklet with tips and tricks on how to teach, motivate, and reward toddlers to do chores around the house.

Moneypants Boss. Parents aren’t immune from the Moneypants scourge that is sweeping the nation. We’re going to put you the parents into The Moneypants Solution as well. We’ll show you how much you can pay yourself for doing the awesome things you’re already doing (because you’re a parent, and parents do awesome things every day).

Instead of naming our system The Moneypants Solution, we could have easily named it “The System for Tired Overworked Parents Who Don’t Get A Lot of Sleep” because that’s what the system really is. It’s for parents who are exhausted and are just doing their best to stay afloat. That’s where Moneypants Boss comes in. It actually helps you be a better parent and leverage the energy and time you have to get done the things that matter most: like exercising, or developing your talents, or spending one-on-one time with your kids, or getting more sleep!

Kid's Expense Calculator. The gift every kid hopes to get on Christmas day: their very own expenses calculator, complete with automatic tallying of expense categories. Get yours today!

Okay, so maybe not every kid hopes for this, but your kids actually will like it because it helps alleviate a lot of anxiety. It will help them to know what’s expected of them financially for the upcoming year. They’ll know how much money they need to earn and where the money goes once they’ve earned it. They’ll get to spend their money on the things that are the most important to them, all while developing their own style and learning to shop and budget. It’s so good!

Behavior Vouchers. Also on every kid’s wish list this Christmas (maybe), these behavior vouchers help your kids stay focused on what really matters when they’re away from home. It keeps them accountable for their behavior when you’re not there to watch them, and they get a groovy reward for getting their teachers and coaches to sign off on their good behavior.

Plus, the behavior vouchers come with complete instructions on how to get the best possible behavior from your kids. You'll love it (and so will their teachers)!

Questions & Answers Manual. Once you start, you won’t be able to put down this riveting read! Chock full of tips and tricks that make even the best parents feel like amateurs, the Q&A covers all aspects of The Moneypants Solution, plus parenting principles that extend to all ages of people.

And the best part? There are lots of pictures!

The Vacation Budget Planner. This is the greatest thing since bottled water. It gives you a budget on how much you can spend on family vacations for the year—all based off of your income. You’ll have money set aside every year for a vacation. Who wouldn’t want that?

And to top it off, we show you how to leverage the money you were going to spend on those vacations to help your kids have the bestest behavior they can, which in turn makes the vacations even more enjoyable. Your kids will have awesome behavior, and the whole family will enjoy every minute of it. Vacations will be awesome.

Proper Goal Setting. This dandy little guide will help you stop making foolish goals every year like: “I’m going to lose 40 pounds and no longer be a fat disgusting slob”, or “I’m not going to be a jerk anymore”, or “I’m going to win the Nobel Peace prize again!” Those goals are a thing of the past.

With the Proper Goal Setting Guide, you will quickly learn how to set goals that are achievable and realistic. Because truth be told, that’s all that The Moneypants Solution is: a simple system of goals for the betterment of the whole family!

All that for just $35?!?
Yes, plus we offer a 30-Day Money Back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose.
Try It FREE Today!
Individual Cost
To buy each of these products separately would cost you a pretty penny...
  • Complete System Setup Videos ($297)
  • Customizable Point Charts ($199)
  • Chore Training Videos ($29)
  • Jobs Inspection Checklist ($10)
  • Moneypants Jr. ($15)
  • Moneypants Boss ($35)
  • Kid's Expenses Calculator ($15)
  • Behavior Vouchers ($10)
  • Q&A Manual ($30)
  • Vacation Budget Planner ($20)
  • Proper Goal Setting ($5)
  • And So Much More...
Total Value: $668
...but when you buy The Moneypants Solution, you get everything you see here, plus more for only a fraction of that!
For a limited time, we are offering the complete Moneypants Solution for only $35!

Yes, all that for only $35. Plus, you get to try it out 100% FREE for 30 days! AND, we have a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not completely convinced that The Moneypants Solution is right for you.

So what are you waiting for?
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The Moneypants Solution
30-Day Challenge!
So what exactly is The Moneypants Solution 30-Day Challenge?
It’s really simple. Purchase the complete Moneypants Solution and implement it in its fullness for 30 days. Go all in. Use everything, all the pieces, all the elements. Don’t leave anything out.

Here's what you'll need to do:
  • Complete the online course.
  • Watch all the setup videos.
  • Fill out the expense calculators and assign your kids jobs and financial responsibilities.
  • Watch all the chore training videos.
  • Put yourself and your spouse on Moneypants Boss.
  • Hold daily inspections, weekly Payday, and use Directed Spending to help your kids save, shop, and spend.
Do it all for 30 days. If you do, we promise you will notice a dramatic improvement in how your home runs and operates. First off, you will have a cleaner, more organized house. Won’t that be wonderful?
In addition, there will be more peace and unity in your home and a better sense of teamwork amongst your family members. Your kids will learn balance in their lives and will be well on their way to being prepared for being on their own when they enter the real world at age 18. Each family member will start enjoying more personal improvement as they develop their talents. There will be less stress in your home, and you will have more time for the things that really matter. You will have better control over the family finances, including setting aside money for family vacations and trips. Your kids will begin learning how to budget, but also how to save, shop, and spend. They’ll start making their own financial choices, and in the process start developing their own style and showcasing their distinct personalities.
That’s the 30-Day Challenge. And if for some reason you find there isn't a huge benefit to you and your family, then by all means, you can go back to the way you were managing your finances before. But we think once you try out The Moneypants Solution, you won’t want to go back. Just take the challenge, “put on the pants”, and simplify your life!
What are you waiting for?
Take The Moneypants Solution 30-Day Challenge
and see the results for yourself!
Take the Challenge Now!
See How Simple It Is To Setup
The Moneypants Solution
In Your Home
The Moneypants Solution has five simple steps. They are “Pants That Fit”, “Bring the Family Together”, “Get to Work!”, “It’s Payday!”, and “Save, Shop, and Spend”.
Pants That Fit
Step 1 is “Pants That Fit”. In this step, we’ll show why The Moneypants Solution will work in your family, no matter the size or the situation. We’ll go over all the unique concepts behind the Moneypants Solution, we’ll help you customize the system to meet your family’s specific financial needs, plus we’ll show you how to avoid the three most common mistakes parents make when using a points system.

We answer the following questions and many more:

Question #1: Won't my kids just focus on money?
Question #2: Isn't this bribery? Why should I pay my kids? I don't get paid!
Question #3: What if my kids are too busy to do chores?
Bring The Family Together
Step 2 is “Bring the Family Together”. In this step, we’ll show you strategies for divvying up household chores that will prevent future stress, fighting, and confusion in the home. We’ll explain why your kids should keep the same job for an entire year, and how to avoid the mistakes of group projects and overdoing it. And, we’ll show you how Moneypants Boss will improve your marriage and your relationship with your children.

We answer the following questions and many more:

Question #1: How do I keep my kids from fighting with each other while working?
Question #2: How do I make sure my spouse does their part at home?
Question #3: Do I need to pay my teenagers more since they have more expenses?
Get To Work!
Step 3 is “Get to Work!” This is the step where you actually implement Moneypants in your home. We’ll walk you through the first week and beyond: how to ease into jobs and new financial responsibilities; why the timer will become your new best friend; why jobs will always get done, rain or shine; and how to teach your two-year-old to work and do their job right. We’ll also introduce the powerful non-monetary reward system using the “If…Then” principle. Plus, we’ll share the secret to avoiding manipulation.

We answer the following questions and many more:

Question #1: Do I give my kid partial pay if they finish half the job?
Question #2: What if friends come over and interrupt job time?
Question #3: What if my kid refuses to do their job? What then?
It's Payday!
Step 4 is “Payday!” This is where you reward your kids and yourself for all the hard work you’ve done during the week. We’ll introduce the 10-10-10 rule for family finances, and how to teach your kids to handle money. We’ll let you know exactly how much money you’re going to have for this year’s family vacation. We’ll also show you how to avoid criticism in your home, and what to do if your kids lose their money or get caught stealing.

We answer the following questions and many more:

Question #1: Do I give my toddlers cash?
Question #2: Do I let my kids borrow money if they don't have enough?
Question #3: Is it okay to charge my kids money for breaking something at home?
Save, Shop, & Spend
And Step 5 is “Save, Shop, and Spend”, where you’ll learn money management strategies for all the different members of the family. We’ll show you why your kids aren’t going to spend all their money on candy. We’ll demonstrate the directed spending method, how to use hand-me-downs, gifts, and free stuff to your advantage, and how to deal with doting grandparents who could unintentionally upend your system. Plus, we’ll show you how to avoid power struggles with your kids, and finally, you’re going to embark on the Moneypants Solution 30-Day Challenge!

We answer the following questions and many more:

Question #1: What if my son doesn't want to spend his money on piano lessons?
Question #2: Should I have my kids pay for their own Disneyland tickets?
Question #3: What if my daughter takes her younger brother's money?
  •    No more whining,
  •    No more manipulation,
  •    No more yelling or threatening,
  •    And no more bribing
  •    Nothing but peace,
  •    A clean home,
  •    Family friendships, and
  •    Teamwork
The Moneypants Solution works,
and it will work for you!
And if for any reason you decide it doesn't work for you, we'll give you a full refund.
No questions asked. You can always go back to the way you were running your family finances before.
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