Privacy Policy

Last updated on 1 January 2019

NOTE: Moneypants does not collect personal information from children. We do not require children to provide personal information to use and access our services. However, during setup we do allow parents to enter in the birthdays of their children. This is to enable the app to make recommendations for age-appropriate jobs, age-appropriate habits, and for sorting the family in order of age. It is not collected for any other purpose.

Personal Information Collection and Use

We ask adult users to provide information about himself or herself when logging in to the member portion of Moneypants or when completing a purchase in our store. This information is not shared with any third party or partner and is used only for the narrow purpose for which it was entered.

  • Basic Membership Information: When you become a member of Moneypants, you must provide general personal information such as your family name, email address, and a password. We may again ask for this information when you login or when you make changes to your account. This information is used solely for identification purposes and is not shared with third parties including other members.

  • Payment Information: When you make a purchase, whether it is for an online membership or a physical product, we require billing and shipping information. This sensitive information is handled with the utmost care. We send payment information to a secure and nationally recognized payment processor using strong industry standard encryption. Once a purchase has been made we do not store credit card numbers, nor do we have access to credit card numbers through our payment processor. In order to provide customer service, we retain the details of a purchase, such as the payment date, the billing address, and the shipping address.

Technical Information Collection and Use

When you use Moneypants on a computer or mobile device, we collect some basic technical information in order to customize your experience as well as improve our services.

Cookies: Like many websites, we rely on cookies (a small text file sent to your browser) to give us a better understanding of how many unique users we have and how they are using our site. We also use cookies to retain your preferences and remember the state of an activity such as an online shopping cart or service such as a membership login. We do not collect personal information through cookies. We do not share cookie data with third parties nor do we use a third party to place cookies or report on usage data.

Access Logs: When you use Moneypants we often receive information about your IP address, browser, operating system, or mobile device. We keep these records so that we can analyze the ‘big picture’ of how our visitors use our products and to analyze any technical problems that could occur.

Social Media & Advertising

Moneypants does not place third party advertisements or links to advertisements on our websites, mobile devices, or other services. We also do not provide links to social media on our mobile devices. We do, however, offer Facebook and other social media platforms for parents to use outside of the app. These platforms are designed to give support and ideas on how to better use Moneypants, not an attempt to solicit funds or to advertise.

Disclosure of Information

Moneypants may disclose user information we have retained if we believe it necessary to comply with a legal process, law enforcement investigation, or government request. We may also divulge collected information in response to fraud or technical security issues or in matters of public safety. Any such disclosure will be tailored to disclose only the specifically requested information to the requesting authority.


We may make changes to our privacy policy from time to time. Please feel free to revisit this page for the most up-to-date version.