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Moneypants is free to try for 30 days (60 days if you watch the setup video).

After that, you can choose a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. Yep, for less than the cost of a Dairy Queen Blizzard, you can teach your kids work ethic, help every family member develop their talents, and get your home organized. That’s Moneypants, baby!

There are a lot of reasons we chose the name Moneypants.

First, the definition of Moneypants is:

  • Savvy, cool
  • Exhibiting excellent quality. Desirable.

We believe our product exemplifies both definitions. It is both savvy and excellent, but it also helps produce people who are savvy and excellent. It works both ways.

Another reason we chose the name Moneypants is the word “money” in the name. The name of our product brings a sore issue out into the open. The system we are promoting is definitely a system where kids get paid a lot of money. Some parents feel totally uncomfortable with the idea of paying kids at all. And some psychologists actually recommend against associating chores and behavior with allowance, even though the prevailing psychological research shows that point systems are extremely effective (if they’re applied properly).

However, unlike other rewards system that use points and pay kids for chores, our system is unique in that it also assigns a large amount of financial responsibility to the kids receiving pay. Your kids won’t just have a bunch of money to play with. It won’t be a free-for-all. Instead, they’re required to buy some of the items they need and want: shoes, soccer registration, dance equipment, scout camps, and of course, pants!

That’s where the Moneypants system gets its name. Moneypants are pants you bought yourself. They are pants you earned through hard work and developing good habits. In short, Moneypants focuses on two things: money, and pants. Your kids will earn money, and they will learn to use that money to buy their own pants (in both a literal and figurative sense).

But the main reason we named our product Moneypants is because the name makes us laugh. Plus, it doesn’t imply that our program is limited to five-year-olds. It works well for people of all ages, including teens and adults.

No, Moneypants is not a parenting system. Moneypants is a toolbox for parents to enhance their current parenting style, whatever it may be. It is not meant to replace your parenting style, but rather to support it.

Moneypants is a collection of tools to help parents motivate their family members to become their best selves by learning work ethic, developing good habits, and establishing proper money management skills.

Yes, Moneypants is free to try. There is no credit card needed and no commitment required.

Once you have completed setup, the app will be completely functional for 30 days. If you watched the setup video, you will get an additional month free—for a total of 60 days.

At the end of the free trial period, you can choose to purchase a yearly or monthly subscription.

Yes, you can definitely use Moneypants with your 8-year-old. Moneypants is designed to work for people of all ages, from 2 years old and up. This includes toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults.

Yes, adults. Moneypants is a goal-oriented app for helping bring out the best in every member of the family. And that includes moms and dads (and grandmas and grandpas).

Moneypants has proven effective for all personality types, regardless of mental or emotional limitations. In fact, Moneypants has shown to be particularly effective with children who suffer from ADD, ADHD, and autism. One parent noted that the system worked very well for her and her autistic children, and suggested that Moneypants is really just ABA for everyone!

The good news is yes! Your daughter can use Moneypants out of state. In fact, she can use it out of the country. Simply install the app on your daughter’s phone, log in using your email and password, and she will be able to use the app no matter where she is in the world.

You can see her progress, review her week, and pay her on Payday, just like if she were still living at home.

Yes, Moneypants will work on older devices. Currently for Apple devices, as long as you are using iOS 10 or higher, Moneypants will work.

Moneypants uses a lightweight cloud server to sync all your data between devices. If you mark points on one device, it syncs to all your other devices within seconds.

To enable cloud syncing, simply download Moneypants onto each device you want to use, then log in using the same email and password you used to sign up originally.

At the moment, Moneypants is only available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

An Android version is currently in development with an expected release time this summer. If you want to be notified when it becomes available, click here.

Moneypants is free to download and free to try for 30 days. If you feel it is a good fit, then you have the option to purchase either a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. The transactions are all handled securely through the App Store and Google Play.

If you choose a monthly subscription, your account will be charged every month until you cancel. If you choose a yearly subscription, your account will be charged every year until you cancel.

Our hope is that you find so much value in Moneypants that you will never want to cancel.

In an ideal world, we would give Moneypants away for free and fly to people’s homes to help them set it up and get it working for them and their family. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury—yet—and so we have to charge money to cover the costs of website hosting, database administration, cloud services, development costs, and the numerous other business expenses that allow us to create and maintain the Moneypants app.

But on a much more practical note, we’ve found that people don’t appreciate things they get for free. So even if we could give Moneypants away for free, we probably wouldn’t. Just like if we were independently wealthy, we still would have our kids work for the things they get and not just hand them stuff.

No, you don’t have to buy Moneypants four times. If you purchase Moneypants and want to use it on multiple devices, simply download the app onto each device. Then use the same email login and password you used to purchase Moneypants on each additional device, and you will be good to go.

Moneypants will sync every device you use and your information will always be current, not matter what phone you are using.