The Big Secret

The Moneypants App calculates how much a family spends on non-essential items for each family member depending on their income and family size. It then allows members of the family to earn that money through completing chores and achieving personal goals. The app automatically creates personalized chore and progress charts with pay amounts that match the family’s economic situation and current spending habits.

The idea is to allow family members to not only have the opportunity to work for and earn some of the things they get and thus develop more appreciation for what they already have, but it also prepares them for real life with skills in money management AND helps them develop practical self-care skills and personal talents.

The brilliance is that this app helps parents transform money they were already spending into rewards that help motivate and reward progress on a daily basis.

The app does all the heavy lifting and calculations and keeps everything organized and simple. Meanwhile, the home becomes more organized and each individual family member develops more confidence and personal satisfaction.

So much smarter than an allowance.
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