The Big Secret

Moneypants is a rewards and goal-setting app for parents to use to help their family members reach their potential. How? The app reallocates the discretionary money parents were already spending on their family and allows the individual family members to earn it through reaching personal goals, developing healthy habits, and completing chores.

How It Works

The family used to pay $150 for little Sally’s soccer, but with Moneypants, Sally will now be able to earn that money herself. 

Homeschool Soccer Girl

And how does she earn it? By completing her daily and weekly chores (doing the dishes and washing the cars) and by developing good habits like practicing the piano, being kind to her siblings, brushing her teeth, writing in her journal, making her bed, and more.

Learning to work begins at home
Girl made own bed proud

Then, instead of the parents paying for her soccer registration and cleats and a soccer ball, Sally now pays for those items herself with the money she has earned.


Homeschool Soccer Girl

Let’s break it down. Sally gets a LOT out of this scenario.

Not only does Sally 1) learn the value of work and 2) the economy of labor, but she also learns to 3) shop and spend wisely. After all, it’s her money. She has “skin in the game”. And she earned it all by 4) becoming a better person and 5) developing her talents.

Because she earned the money for soccer and paid for it herself, she is much more inclined to 6) focus and play hard

Because she shopped for and purchased the cleats and ball and equipment, she’s much more likely to 7) take care of it and handle it properly. Mom and Dad won’t have to nag her or “remind” her to put her stuff away. And even if she does leave it out, Mom and Dad don’t have to get upset. It’s Sally’s responsibility, not theirs.

The Big Secret...

In short, Moneypants puts some of the financial responsibility onto individual family members and rewards them for accomplishing household assignments and personal goals. And that’s the Big Secret: Moneypants is the ultimate goal-setting app that ensures balance and long-term success. And because it uses money you were already spending anyway, it won’t cost you a dime!

Captain Moneypants Logo Dime
So much smarter than an allowance.