The Top 10 Reasons To Use Moneypants Boss

  1. It eliminates fights about money between spouses
  2. It works seamlessly with the family vacation budget
  3. It eliminates anxiety by dividing up parental responsibilities in the home
  4. It helps adults progress and become happier and more satisfied with their lives
  5. It creates a stronger sense of teamwork and synergy in the home
  6. It ensures that Moneypants for the kids succeeds
  7. It prevents drudgery
  8. It improves family relationships
  9. You’ll be setting a good example for your kids
  10. It will reduce criticism and promote appreciation

Eliminate Fights About Money

It eliminates fights between about money between spouses. How? It keeps discretionary $ separate from money set aside for bills and savings:  With Moneypants Boss, you the parent can spend money completely guilt-free and know it won’t cause a financial hardship for the family.  Why?  Because in Moneypants Boss each spouse has their own debit card that is kept separate from the family account.  It is clear how much discretionary money you personally have.  No confusion.  By having these accounts you’ll avoid fights about “why did you buy this?”  “We don’t need this”  or “You spend money, while I’m scrimping and saving and counting out every penny and I never get to spend money on what I want or need.”  Instead you can spend $ guilt free knowing it won’t compromise family finances in any way and that you accumulated the money in your account by taking care of your family and developing habits that make you a better parents and a better spouse.

Divide Up Parental Responsibilities

It eliminates anxiety by dividing up parental responsibilities in the home. It prevents  conflict over “whose turn” it is to do things.  And fights like, “Why am I the only one who changes diapers or does the dishes?”  When Moneypants Boss is implemented, all jobs in the house are assigned, all parties are properly motivated to consistently do their part, and job substitution back up is already set up I nthe event that you or your spouse are unavailable.  For example, if your spouse is in charge of getting dishes done and they are out of town or home late from work, they are covered.  No resentment from anyone.

Happier Parents

It helps adults progress and become happier and more satisfied with their lives. This is a crazy claim, but it is very true.  Humans (which includes parents) are only happy when they are improving and progressing.  You will improve much faster and on a much more consistent basis when you use Moneypants Boss.  Why?  Because it utilizes all the proper goal setting techniques. “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” 1. You make specific reasonable goals that can be measured.  2.  You track your progress.  3.  You report your progress on a regular basis 4.  You reward yourself for your progress.  You can actually view Moneypants as the ultimate goal achieving program for the whole family.  As you start achieving personal goals, improving your relationships, and developing your talents, you will become happier and more enthusiastic about life in general.

Teamwork And Synergy

It creates a stronger sense of teamwork and synergy in the home. You see, you already have your kids on the Moneypants program and you are making the effort to hold Payday.  You have the app or the paper charts.  Why have a separate goal setting program for yourself?  Simplify.  Plug yourself into the system that is already working and in place.  It creates unity and synergy to have everyone working together and you accomplish more in the time you set aside to make Moneypants work.

Successful Parents = Successful Kids

Moneypants Boss ensures that Moneypants for the kids succeeds, and this is why:  The highest paying items on the parents’ goal sheet are for holding daily inspections and weekly Payday.  This was not haphazard.  It is crucial because the entire program depends on those two tasks being completed by the parents.  Reality is this: most parents when left unmotivated will fizzle on carrying those responsibilities after only 3 weeks.  It is crucial that you are highly motivated to carry out those responsibilities because without it Moneypants fails.  If Moneypants fails, you’ll be back to cleaning the house all by yourself.  You won’t have the time or energy to accomplish any of the other very important goals on your list if you are working full time as the family housekeeper.

Prevent Drudgery

It prevents drudgery. Many parents resent rewarding kids for their work and contributions.  They say, “Why should I reward them?  I don’t get paid or rewarded for what I do.”  That is a problem.  You should be rewarding yourself for what you accomplish.  It is healthy for parents to be rewarding themselves for their hard work and effort…otherwise everything becomes drudgery.  Moneypants Boss rewards you the parent with spending money.  It gives you something to look forward to and plan with.  You can use that money to go out to luncyh with friends, but gifts, shop, buy a book, go to the salon, donate to charity, take piano lessons, get a gym memberships, upgrade your computer, buy a plane ticket, decorate, etc.  There is a healthy balance in the home where parents and kids have things to work for and look forward to.

Improve Family Relationships

It will improve family relationships:  The reason Moneypants Boss will improve family relationships is because it helps you prioritize and manage your time.  It helps you focus on spending individual time with your spouse and kids that is so important for developing relationships.  Also, It helps you take better care of yourself.  Often as a parent we are so dedicated to caring for those around us we forget to care for ourselves, but it makes us less effective as parents. If we’re not taking the time to exercise, refuel spiritually, get sufficient rest, develop talents, we actually aren’t able to give as much to our families.  Moneypants Boss help put balance back into the personal lives of parents.  As a result you will feel more energetic, more positive, more enthusiastic, and more patient with both your children and your spouse.

Set A Good Example

You’ll be setting a good example for your kids:  With Moneypants you are teaching kids to work hard, be consistent, care for themselves, set goals, strive for balance and health, and develop their minds and talents, etc.  How wonderful for them to see that those things will continue as they get married and have children of their own.  They will see you caring for yourself, working hard to improve, and rewarding yourself for you work.  When your kids see that they will want to be more like you and they will realize that what they are doing is important.

Reduce Criticism And Promote Appreciation

It will reduce criticism and promote appreciation:  By you the parent focusing on your own habits and improvement, you’ll understand what your kids are experiencing.  You’ll understand how challenging it is to try and accomplish all the goals on you chart.  You’ll understand why there is no need to criticize your children on Payday, but to treat it as a reward.  You’ll understand why having Payday each week is critical.  How it refuels and resets you for the next week, and how it builds trust.

Phontaine Judd

Phontaine Judd

Phontaine is co-creator of Moneypants and the proud father of 7 sons and 6 daughters.

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